Welcome to Pigott Stinson a firm that has been in practice for over 150 years. What does this milestone mean for Pigott Stinson? When the firm first started horse drawn trams travelled down a gas lit George Street and we didn’t even have typewriters. So much of the law and society has changed and Pigott Stinson has changed with it.

So what is the same?

We think it’s a commitment. A commitment that our clients deserve the best from us. A commitment to providing affordable, timely legal advice. We are proud to work with our clients over, not only years, but decades and we know that the only way to ensure a long term relationship is to adapt and change. We believe in staying at the cutting edge of the law, in constantly seeking and retaining the best staff and providing our clients with value for money.

So we thank you for helping us celebrate our 150th year but more importantly hope that you’ll still be with us for our 175th.

Yours Sincerely,

The team at Pigott Stinson


Over 150 years of service

It was in 1863 that William Hilson Pigott began his legal practice at the corner of Pitt and Hunter Street. In 1869, Pigott formed a partnership with William Joseph Trickett, and both men became recognised as outstanding solicitor-politicians. In 1900, Pigott merged his practice with John Stinson, who was also active in community service.

In 1891, John Stuart Thom established J. Stuart Thom & Co, which was merged in 1990 to become Pigott Stinson Stuart Thom.

The final leg of today's firm was established when S D Ratner & Co, founded in 1933 by David Ratner, merged with Pigott Stinson Stuart Thom to become Pigott Stinson Ratner Thom. This was shortened to Pigott Stinson in 2007.

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