Put simply, under the triennial rule there are still annual elections for the board. However, only a third of the board is up for election each year. Those directors that are elected then hold office for 3 years.

Under the Registered Clubs Act the Government can force boards to adopt the rule, but have not yet done so while Clubs are adopting the rule of their own initiative.

We have found that most clubs are keen to adopt the rule, but as one CEO described to me:

          “with our members it’s the we won’t try anything rule”

Some members are scared of change and that is understandable, in our experience the key is communication.

Often when considering changes to the Constitution it helps to have external advisers come to the club and explain to the members what the Board is considering and why they are considering it.

For more information on the Triennial rule and updates to your constitution contact b.gotterson@pigott.com.au