Pigott Stinson will keep you one step ahead of your competitors 

Our corporate team understands the need for detailed specialised advice on demand.

Our corporate clients include a wide variety of companies from multinational and publically listed companies to medium sized and family run organizations.

We understand our clients’ needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide in-depth specialised advice across a wide range of legal areas. We stay at the cutting edge of corporate law to ensure that our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Integration is at the heart of Pigott Stinson’s core values ensuring that your business gets results focused advice specific to your situation.

Our team can help you with:

  • corporations law
  • directors duties
  • constitutions
  • shareholder agreements
  • intellectual property
  • competition and consumer Law
  • the law and procedure of meetings
  • members requisitions for general meetings
  • co-operatives law
  • corporate governance
  • ASIC lodgements

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