At Pigott Stinson we can help you buy your first home or sell another skyscraper.

Our conveyancing team has a strong commitment to ensuring that conveyancing is provided to clients in a cost-effective, practical and professional manner.

Our team can help you with:

  • contract advice
  • advice on stamp duty, GST and CGT issues
  • advising on eligibility for Government Grants and stamp duty exemptions
  • auction advice and preparation of a Power of Attorney, if required
  • arranging of pre-purchase inspection reports
  • liaising with your lender and advising on loan documentation
  • recommendations for steps after settlement
  • review of real estate agents agreements for vendors
  • fixed price fee for first home buyers
  • advice on finance documents
  • refinancing


We make sure your interests are protected.

Our leasing team has significant experience in commercial, industrial and retail leasing for landlords, tenants, agents, property owners and managers, developers and others.

Our team can help you with:

  • preparation and negotiation of leases and agreements for lease
  • lease-related dispute resolution
  • telecommunications leases
  • surrender or assignments of lease
  • subleases
  • licence agreements
  • green leasing
  • one-off and stream/high volume leasing