The Liberal party’s much anticipated workplace relations policy was announced on 9 May 2013.  The key points include:

1)    the Fair Work Act will be retained

2)    Changes to the Fair Work Act will be limited in the first term of the Coalition’s government

3)    New laws will be introduced to limit union right of entry;

4)    Individual flexibility arrangements will be strengthened even when an enterprise agreement exists;

5)    the Building and Construction Commission will be restored;

6)    A new Registered Organisations Commission will be set up to require all registered organisations to be subject to the same type of rules, penalties and procedures as companies; and

7)    A six-month paid parental leave scheme based on the mother’s full replacement wage plus superannuation up to a threshold of $150,000 will be introduced.

8)    Enhanced rights for employers to enter into greenfields agreements.

9)    Additional regulations concerning protected action (strikes etc).

We will continue to monitor developments and provide more detail as it becomes available.